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5 Web Design Tools You Need For Your Site

In the world of web design, there are many tools that continue to grow and improve. As technology continues to strive, there are always new tools to try that will make your work as a designer better, if not easier.

Check out these top 5 web design tools you need for your site.

Pattern Lab – http://patternlab.io/
This site helps you create pattern-driven interfaces with quality principles using the concept of Atomic Design. As a static site generator, this site will combine the UI components and more. This will enable you to place UI patterns with dynamic data in your design.

Affinity Designer – https://affinity.serif.com/
Unofficially named as the Photoshop killer, you will quickly see why this app has created long-standing impressions. The app is well designed with the appropriate web and graphic tools. There are plenty of features to enjoy as well as the control to adjust your images without the risk of damage. What we’ve most about this tool is the freedom to undo and view your history features.

Avocode – https://avocode.com/
Avocode is an easy source for developers who are looking to code websites or apps from Sketch or Photoshop designs. What makes Avocode stand out is the Photoshop plugin that will sync your PSD into the tool immediately.

Antetype – http://antetype.com/
Antetype is a useful web tool that creates responsive UIs for websites and applications. The objective is to create prototypes rather than production files. This is ideal for users who want to start designing and create prototypes. You will also find an active online community where you can download UI kits from other users on the site.

What tools do you site for your site? What can you recommend? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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