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Quick CSS Cheat Guide for Beginners

A CSS is a cascading style sheet that is used to master the code of a website. This type of coding will allow you to control your style elements of your HTML pages and care for the overall presentation of your pages and display.

In this quick CSS cheat guide for beginners, we will explain what you need to know and why.

Methods of CSS

There are two methods of CSS, the Internal and External style sheets. The Internal style sheet is used for any style you create to be coded right into the HTML. The External is used for all your styles to be set in a single file on the server.

Bloggers use internal style sheets, although their CSS work is combined in the entire template of the blog. This is somewhat similar to the external CSS as you can type your code without the use of style tags.

If you want to add an external style sheet, you will simply have to add a “link rel” tag to the head section of the HTML file in the theme’s directory.

What It Is Made Of

A typical CSS file consists of values, selectors, and properties. The selector is the element you want to style to the HTML code. If you want to style the paragraph

tag, the selector would be “p”. The property of the style is displayed within the curly brackets of { and }. The value is the command you give the property. When your HTML file reads the CSS file, all paragraphs will have a specific text font and color to your command.

External CSS Files

If you want to create an external CSS file, you will have to create a black document without the use of formatting options like Notepad or another text editor. While you can save the file under any name, you will have to save it as a .css file.


We the basic understanding of CSS, it is important to use a style sheet for different elements of an HTML page. The CSS consists of different types of selectors to choose from on your HTML page.

Infographic by: onextrapixel.com

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