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Wed 13 Jul 2005

Ready Set Go

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Ok the new blog is setup ready to go so I am going to start blogging over there from now on. A number of people are posting comments here still, but I suspect that is becuase they are getting to pages directly and not seeing these front end messages. Not to worry it will work out for the best in the end.

new url is located here


Update your bookmarks and incoming links please.

I will see you over there




Mon 11 Jul 2005

New Blog

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For the next week or so, please don’t post comments here. I am getting truthrealization.com together and hope to have it fully functioning later in the week. It’s working now, but in rough format. I managed to save what is here including comments, but there needs to be a bit of clean up work as quotes and special characters aren’t displaying properly. You can comment over at the new blog.

Oh and please update all your links to http://www.truthrealization.com/index.php instead of this site. It would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment I am building a new theme so what you see there will change dramatically in the coming days. At the moment its just a placeholder theme. If you are the type that likes to look at design and development on the fly then keep coming back and observing the pages.

I have added quite a number of new features

Output Blog to PDF

Send Post By Email

Threaded Comments

Shout Box

Subscribe to Comments

I am going to do some new things as well

Add a music player for one thing. Some smart titles etc. Better menu options. Zoom Pictures etc. The idea is to take blogs to new levels of interactivity while allowing them to degrade gracefully if JavaScript is switched off.

We are using the serendipity blogging system, but are hacking into it. When new features are stable and added we will converse with the serendipity developers and make the code open source. I like this better than wordpress!

The other thing we are likely to do, (we in this instance is the person that hosts my sites and myself), is to provide cheap blog space for those interested in starting their own blog using this system. If you have some interest in this let me know by emailing me and ill let you know when we are ready to go.

In the meantime take care and ill be back with some new posts in a week or so.


Thu 7 Jul 2005

State Of Happiness

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We judge our happiness by our state of unhappiness.


Tue 5 Jul 2005

Taking a Break

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Just going to take a break from blogging for a bit and have some quiet time alone. Ill be back with number of posts in the not to distance future including the one I promised to blog about, just need for some stuff forming in consciousness to settle in a bit more firmly. Part of the ongoing intergration process…

I can be reached by email still and will check email daily.


Sat 2 Jul 2005

A Little Magic

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Most of the stuff on creating reality is erroneous with bits and peices missing everywhere, and a poor understanding of the procedure. This sort of stuff espoused on the net or books is usually a rip off particularly if you’re paying money for it, attending seminars worth hundreds etc … Its more about selling something than giving it to you. So here I present it free for you all, although I am not opposed to donations ;-) (always good to give in return) But that is up to you… And you should really see if it works first anyway.

What is presented here isn’t necessarily for those chasing enlightenment (although its fun to fool with), but for those that want to enhance their life in some small way.

This works for me without fail, but remember I am better able to hold stillness and focus my mind than most, so chances are initially it will be a bit hit and miss for you. Also I rarely use this technique these days. I just let what comes come in the knowledge that is what is in my best interests. But that’s me and your not me :-)

First don’t try and create stupid things. e.g., millions of dollars, surrounded by a bevy of women or men etc. It won’t work.

Secondly the creation must always be of benefit to others. It can benefit you sure, but it also has to benefit others. If your selfish it wont work.

Third keep in the back of the mind that you are really not doing it. Creating reality occurs because of the grace of God and will only work if its in keeping with the absolute.

There are six keys to creating reality.

1. Intensity of Desire

2. Be the desired thing

3. Elongate the desire into nothingness.

4. Let it go.

5. Never tell anyone.

6. Gratitude

Intensity of Desire:

First write down the object you want to appear in your life. Then visualize it. Create the sounds, how it feels to touch, how it looks etc. Be very specific. Pour every ounce of emotion that you can muster into this. Create intensity, lots and lots of it. The more intensity you can create the better. Try and visualize in present tense.

Be the Desired Thing:

While maintaining intensity become the thing you desire. Let’s say it is ten dollars. Then visualize yourself as the ten dollars. Not you looking at the ten dollars but you as the ten dollars with consciousness. Get into being ten dollars, get into being that note. With practice you will become better and better at this.

Now give that ten dollar note all the intensity. Then create a feeling within the note that the note is coming to you. In other words implant in the consciousness of the note that it is coming to you. And remember that in fact you are the consciousness of the note in this exercise.

Elongate the Desire into Nothingness:

This is the hardest part, well this and the non attachment. So you have all this intensity built up. Now note your thoughts and notice the gap between thoughts. There is always a gap between one thought and the next and it is in this gap where creation occurs. So the trick here is to carry forward the energy of the intensity into the gap.

It is very subtle and you will have to practice this to get a good sense of it. It is like you have all this energy and very softly you let it glide into the gap. Don’t force it, but just try and allow the energy to go into the gap of its own accord. It will be experienced as almost like a gentle breeze dissipating into nothing.

Let It Go

Now once that has transpired let it go. Don’t attach to outcome. You should be in a state of mind where you do not care whether the object comes into your life or not. To the extent if done well you should never think about the object again. Hard at first I know. Again practice this and gets it easier.

Don’t Tell Anyone

Apart from the fact that telling someone is thinking about the object and hence interfering with the pattern, telling someone usually brings about negative thoughts and projections. So don’t tell anyone.


Always remember that it is grace that really manifested the object. Pay tribute to the absolute even though the absolute doesn’t need it. By engaging in gratitude you are aligning yourself closer and closer with the absolute.

That’s the basic recipe for creating reality. Be patient with this it may take some time for stuff you wished for to come into your life, particularly early on.

It is also handy to journal this. Sometimes stuff doesn’t appear in your life and it may be for reasons you cannot understand. Eg, perhaps that wish really was selfishly motivated or wasn’t for the benefit of others.

Or you made a stupid wish, eg, I get 10 million dollars I will donate 9 million to charity etc…

By journaling you can get a feel for what really works and what doesn’t. So become like a scientist and don’t just do it for a month and give up. Do it for a few years and see what manifests and what doesn’t and then try and figure out why the things didn’t come and why the things did come.


Sat 2 Jul 2005


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A while back I was asked how serendipity forms in consciousness. It can form in many ways. One of the most common ones though is that I have almost an overpowering sense that I need to say something or do something in a certain way.

If you recall that letter to Helen I sent a while back, I had an overpowering feeling that something would manifest for both her and I. On her side I don’t know what has manifested, which apart from a few phone calls with no one at the other end (she used to do a lot when we broke off) I haven’t for all intents and purposes heard from her.

But within a week of sending that letter to her, someone else popped into my life and she is a joy. Coincidentally, she has the number 3 running in her life and in some ways particularly her energy levels she is similar to Helen, although in many other ways she is not.

For me, I don’t have to know what is going to manifest when I get an over powering feeling like that. Because often it isn’t that clear to me what is going to happen, its only clear that something will.

Another example. You will note that I have been posting a bit about Richard Rose a lot. About a week ago someone paged me and asked if I thought that Rose was Jed McKenna, which I almost instantly dismissed, since Rose has Alzheimer’s and could not have written Jed’s books.

Then a few days later someone else paged me and asked what I thought of Rose and I said I thought he was good and genuinely enlightened.

A few days after that Dale wrote me and stated that Rose was close to dying.

In my consciousness then Rose was becoming more and more prominent. I should also not that before all this started I had a very vivid and interesting dream about Jed McKenna.

So there are all these things in consciousness pointing me to Rose. I decided to investigate Rose a bit deeper and sure enough within an hour I though there was a pretty convincing connection between McKenna and Rose.

I then had a thought; I wouldn’t mind reading the books and videos from Rose, which I haven’t done as yet. Sure enough, someone offers to send me the videos (much gratitude). Books I haven’t got yet from the universe, but they will come.

So there are all these interconnected dots that just eventually fit. And that happens more and more in my life.

As far as posts to specific people, sometimes I have a strong urge to post for a person and that’s what I do. More often than not though it just appears in consciousness as this will be a good post for someone at some point. Invariably someone will email me and say was that post meant for me. Which in a sense it was, but in my consciousness it wasn’t really targeted for them.

One final point you have to remember that a lot of people pass through this site daily. So chances are good that a post will resonate for someone. But what strikes me as serendipity, is how people often describe the manner they come across this site as sort of a coincidence. Almost as if led here, which in fact is precisely what is happening.

The more you can look towards synchronicity in your life the more attuned you are becoming with source and that’s a positive thing in terms of awakening. Sychronicity is a form of magic which can greatly accelerate the awakening process

Got any good sychronicity tales to tell that you are willing to allow me to publish in my book? Then post in the comments section or email me.


Sat 2 Jul 2005

Enlightenment Framework

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I liked some of the charts and diagrams that Rose did, so I thought I would try and conceptualize a framework for enlightenment. Some of it spills over to some concepts from Richard, but hey why wouldnt it! And others dont.

So here is something visual for you:



Sat 2 Jul 2005

What Are You In It For?

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Everyone who is seeking enlightenment should ask themselves the most basic of questions.

What are your really seeking?

See most people are really seeking something other than enlightenment without realizing they are. Invariably they are seeking a better human life and underneath that sort of seeking is what is in it for me? How is this going to help me? How is this going to help humanity?

The fact of the matter is that it isn’t going to help your physical form. Enlightenment isn’t about your physical form being free from suffering regardless of whether it’s physical, emotional or psychologically. It has nothing to do with your physical form.

The end of suffering comes about because the physical form is seen to not be you. Let me try and highlight.

If in 5 minutes from now it was strongly indicated that I pour petrol over my head and burn myself alive, I would do so without hesitation and with a grin on my face and with deep gratitude. I could and would do this because my identity isn’t tied to physical self and all it encompasses. The physical body itself will most likely scream as its being burned alive and no doubt will experience a lot of pain in that act. But the pain and screaming are not related to true self, other than as appearance of consciousness. That grin may well be wiped from physical face as soon as the body hits those flames, but true mind will still be grinning (metaphorically).

A more practical example, my health isn’t the best and there is a possibility that I will die shortly (which can be anywhere between the next minute or 50 years or more). What does death mean to me? Absolutely nothing. I am not going to another realm, my karma has been extinguished. And if I do happen to go to another realm it wont have anything to do with physical self or its desires, it will be entirely scripted by God. God may even have the energetic version of physical self, putting angels over my knees and spanking their butts and saying not that, not that. But likely any remnant of me as physical energetic self will return to true self and be completely extinguished.

Which isn’t as bad as it sounds since true self will still have experiences in the form of you and the trees and the rocks and the universe and all the other universes and everything in between. The point being is that enlightenment and physical self arent related, even though there are artefacts of enlightenment on physical self, the biggest being a recognition of no self.

Think about no self long and hard before embarking on the pathless path.

But you as an identified physical self are bound by karma and you must follow it to its logical conclusion. Now most people think of karma as good and bad. If I do more good deeds my karma becomes less. This is not the real nature of Karma, despite what you may have read. If you do a good deed, then equally at the same time you are doing a bad deed. For example, a loving act by definition creates its opposites a hateful act, because a loving act is relative and there is always the other side of the coin. That is why the world never changes at a psychological or spiritual level, because every action, every word is dual.

You do not suddenly become free of duality while physical body still exists. For example, I know unequivocally that if I say you are loved, that in the moments you do not feel loved, it will be seen negatively. Good and bad go hand in hand and while Shiva is certainly the creator, she also is the destroyer. That is duality… And humanity will never ever be free from that. The free from karma part is true self (God). Karma itself is any movement in mind and is always bound by duality.

The way through Karma is to see that ultimately it does not exist. That it is an illusion. However this isn’t a matter of saying well there isn’t Karma so I can do what I want. If only it were that simple!

It means that while you are awake, you have to work through your karma through an investigation of self. To illustrate:

If you have a victim/blaming mentality that is your karma right there. Until you are brutally honest with yourself and acknowledge that indeed you have a victim blaming mentality then you are bound to that karma for the remainder of life.

It is irrelevant that this is scripted and you do not have ultimately had a choice here. Because in illusion you have the appearance of choice, and that appearance must be adhered too. It is a cosmic law.

You are never going to awake unless you bring those deep psychological issues out in the open, acknowledge them and do something about them by negating them. If you’re passive in your growth, then you aren’t going to grow (ultimately no growth sure, but in illusion there is that appearance). You will just repeat the karmic cycle continually.

If you continue to blame, you aren’t going to get past blaming. If you continue to wallow in your suffering then you’re not going to get past it.

In an unawake state you have the appearance of choice. So use it wisely, act as if you really do have choice and worry about the no choice, no free will thing until after you are awake. It is of no value to you to put the cart before the horse. The horse has to follow its destiny and so do you.

Most people use the no free will thing as an excuse to avoid doing the work on themselves. You could argue well since it is scripted, then I don’t have to do anything, God will do it.

But you’re missing it when you are telling yourself that. You have to earnestly go through the motions of having choice, until it is seen as a direct experience that you weren’t really doing anything at all. Emphasis on direct as opposed to an intellectual understanding. You have to see that you as physical entity do not exist, and that it is God playing all things simultaneously. And if you do not see that and instead see duality as in well God is doing that to me as physical self, then you aren’t going anywhere.

If you don’t believe me, then keep doing what you are doing and then get back to me in twenty years time and ask me why aren’t I awake yet?

This very post is part of the script. Those that recognize, “ok well now I really better spiral inwards” eventually will be enlightened. Those that think, don’t have to do anything, will just never awake and those that continue to seek enlightenment in all the wrong places will just do that, seek seek seek. And will be scratching their heads wondering, “well gee why aren’t I awake yet, look at all the books and scriptures I have read, I should be awake!”.

It is also part of the script that things will be put in front of you continually until you deal with them with courage and brutal honesty.

How do you deal with them?

Acknowledge and accept them deeply. See that in fact that those behaviors, those thoughts, those emotions aren’t really you. If you’re blaming, then acknowledge you are. Then watch yourself blaming and continue to watch. Shine a light on that behavior and bring it into the open.

When you have it in the open then attack it with the fury of hell hound. Is that behavior really you? Where does it really stem from? What triggers it? How does it manifest as thought? Who is having that thought if as physical self, I don’t really want it or can’t seem to control it?


Once you have it out in the open and you negate that behavior as illusion then that’s one karmic cycle extinguished. Then you move on to the next and the next and the next, until nothing of you remains.

Which brings me back to the first point of this essay. What are you really seeking?

If it is to be a happy person, then enlightenment isn’t for you. You should put 100% effort into investigating happy people.

If you want to be relatively free from physical pain, then put 100% effort into an investigation into healing.

If you want to be rich then put 100% effort into that.

If you want to be Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc put 100% into that.

But if you want enlightenment recognize that enlightenment has nothing to do with your physical self. It is about transcending physical self and by necessity involves the obliteration of your identity as a person.

In other words you have to be prepared to die and I really mean prepared to physically die in the quest for enlightenment, because it is thousands of times harder to attain (even though your not attaining anything) than the things above.

Recognize that enlightenment isn’t a particularly pleasant process that in fact it’s stupendously hard.

And if you are prepared to die or do what ever it takes for enlightenment to occur then deal with your issues and negate them.

Each issue that you see as being negative in your life is there to forge you in preparation for enlightenment. If you do not deal with them then you are not going to transcend that appearance of negativity and go on to the next thing.

If it isn’t truth realization (enlightenment) you really want then seek elsewhere. So let it go and seek what you really want. Clarify it for yourself what you really want.

If it is truth realization you want then get yourselves to take the first step. Deal with the issues.

So the question before you is what do you really want from life and what are you prepared to do to get it?


Thu 30 Jun 2005

Deflated Self

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If you see that emotion and sensation and thought don’t really exist, even if it is just a conceptual level at this stage, then no doubt rather than being inspired you have become deflated.

You have come to the point or coming to the point where you realize that all you’re searching, all you’re seeking was for naught. That everything you do and will ever do is for naught. And that’s got to hurt.

But it only hurts because you STILL have the desire to get the answer. And in this desire there is a subtle hope that you will become better than you and that somehow you can cheat death by knowing the answer. But nothing of you will survive. Repeat. Nothing of you will survive!

Enlightenment isn’t about you as a physical entity. How many times does this need to said? Millions and millions becuse ego will always say well it is about me, its me, me, me….

But the fact is regardless of what Ego says, what your thought says, there is no answer to be had, because there is no one there to ask the question in the first place. When it is said truth exists, it doesn’t mean that it exists as a function of knowing the answer, it means that truth is existence and when you are that, then you are truth…

This truth does not entail questions and answers. And your ego will always want to ask questions and seek answers.

So what is left to do?

Breathe and be patient. Sit as much as you can with stillness. Spiral inwards, keep hacking and cutting away at yourself. Try and stop asking questions and sit with not knowing.

Then leave it in Gods hand.


Thu 30 Jun 2005

Creating Illusion

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I call creating reality, creating illusion. Means the same thing.

Here is one of the key secrets to creating illusion presented in cryptic form.

Moving mountians occurs when the mountains beleive they can be moved.


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