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Top 4 Resources for Web Designers and Developers

Want to find more resources on quality web design pages that cover CSS, HTML, and more?

Web design can be a daunting process for designers without the use of proper tools. Even as a professional designer, using the right resources will make all the difference in your design and development. To make things easier, check out these top 4 resources for web designers and developers.


There are plenty of web training sites that look interesting and attractive. On the other one, W3Schools might be a bit boring but don’t just a book by its cover! If you’re looking for a site with all the basic training in CSS and HTML, this site will provide a useful source of interactive tutorials that are easy to comprehend. It provides a user-friendly platform that is free and straightforward.

Opera Web Standard Curriculum

The company behind the Opera browser developed a free resource for readers who are looking to learn more about the basics of web design and standards. This site is based on plain text that is easy to follow and useful for all stages of development.


This resource website is a video-based service that offers training in web design, HTML, CSS, web development, and more. While there is a subscription for its services, the videos are professionally produced to give you a variety of lessons for every aspect of web development and design.


This website is described as the easiest way to learn to code as it has built a strong reputation for its authority. This free web training resource creates the path towards websites, apps, and games in an engaging platform. You will expect to see features that include a social network, which allows users to learn and interact with each other.

Have you used any of these sites to help you with your training in web design and development? Did you find them useful? Comment below and let us know!

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